Jolanda van Wijk
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Jolanda loves people. She spontaneously and sportively knows how to bring people together and let them show solidarity with each other. This social power is worth gold in her work. She is the type that dares to cross her head above ground level and serve a common goal, reduce self-centeredness and involve everyone vigorously in a careful way.

Jolanda withdraws an injustice and therefore she is committed to recovery and development. She believes in the individual's ability to contribute to an holistic, integral consciousness and finds that the spiritual and ecological awareness of people must be awakened. She believes that when personal goals are aligned with collective consciousness, experience of happiness (relaxation) can reach its peak.

Jolanda is committed to inclusiveness (everyone can participate), fair exchange of energy and positive intentions. She believes that living in community helps to be happy, healthy, successful and self reliant.

Jolanda is co-founder of the foundation Herstelcirkels, partner of International Cities of Peace, she supports Nasser´s Junior Boxing Academy (Uganda) and Faiz Resource Foundation (Pakistan) and is befriended with Duurzom.

#PeaceviaDialogue (charity work program)
In 2015 Jolanda started to share her professional knowledge and experience with people in Africa and the Middle East. In Uganda she gave form to the Zana Social Development Organisation (co-founder).


´Live a happy life by saying yes to your inner truth´