Jolanda van Wijk
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Jolanda is a true professional who radiates what she does, she makes work personal. She likes to
cooperate and highly values quality of work, fun and personal attitude.
Jolanda strives in her work for social profit. She works for commercial as well as for non commercial
organisations and for individuals (independent managers :-)).
Jolanda is an experienced management consultant and inspiration therapist in the Netherlands and
beyond (Europe, Middle-East & Africa) with vision and strenght and a background in international

Her work (see Sole proprietorship - button below):

Projectmanagement, management- and commercial consultancy, -training and -support in;

marketing (relationship management),
communication principles (dialogue, compassionate communication, appreciative inquiry),
decision making (sociocratic),
community building,
culture development,
judgement formation (dynamic),
conflict management (implement and facilitate restorative circles) and
personal fitness (sport coaching, biographical coaching and inspiration therapy).


´Live a happy life by saying yes to your inner truth´